Communication meeting in Luxembourg

Dear all,

wonderful days in Luxembourg are over and I really really want to thank you Pierre, Jeff and Claude for making our days so enjoyable!

Here is short overview about the results of our meeting.
First of all: Antonis will add a sub-blog to this page which will be accessable only for the project members. This shall be the place we will put our presentation, so all the members of our group would have a possiblity to familiarise with presentations. So, as soon as this sub-blog is created we'll share the codes and you'll have all the information shared in Luxembourg concerning the communication!

We had two full working days in CNL. The literary centre in Mersch is very beautiful place and the work done there to promote, collect and conserve literature is absolutely to set as an example.

But actually we started our meeting already on Thursday evening when going together to a local cafe and had really nice time there. And we needed that soft beginning because working days in CNL were really content-rich and quite long.

On Friday we started at 9 with the presentations about communication, based on our survey we created in Budapest. That was followed by the discussion: what structure should we use for the common, final survey? Gabriella was the curator of this discussion and we decided to inspect all the questions of the survey once more with the critical eye. And we made some corrections which will be fixed in the presentations before adding them into the sub-blog. We ended the day a litter later we had in program but it seemed to me everybody felt quite satisfied with the work done. In the evening we had a wonderful dinner in a really fancy restaurant. We must thank the Luxembourgish Cultural Ministry for that!

On saturday we had in a program 2 subjects:

1. Exhibitions. The common virtual exhibition and the exhibitions in CNL. We started with the overview about different virtual exhibitions presented by Jeff and also had a lovely 20 minutes when watching children's short-film "Little painter" Matti, Esko and Anneli showed us. Afterwards I made a presentations about what state is our common exhibition. In Budapest we decided the exhibition should be about famous national literary characters of every partner country. We also decided that the exhibition should be virtual and could be animated if possible. well, it turned out that it's not possible to have an animated version - it is just too expensive for us. So here are the decisions we made about the virtual exhibition this time:
a) We keep the idea about famous literary characters. Each country will select 3-5 characters to be presented.

b) The exhibition format will "database"-like. We will name the exhibition as "The European Literary characters" and it is build up as a website.

c) There will be 3 levels (pages) for each character: 1. character (text+pictures) 2. moving on to read about the writer who created the character 3. moving on to have a short insight to the context in which the character was created (reception, literary period etc).

d) The first example of this 3-level character should be done by the end of the May so we can see if the structure works.

Actually there were many other things we talked about but it would be to much to write it to the blog :-). After lunch we also had an interesting tour in CNL exhibition hall.

2. The second subject in focus was the survey (again :-)). We took a quite serious look at the questions about the European aspect in the literary heritage. We added some questions and discussed about the purpose of differet questions. So, for the meeting in Finland, Kajaani in the beginning of July we now have updated survey to follow.

We also agreed that there will be two presentations in Finland. First will be the public one for all those finnish people who are participating the the Kajaani literary week and would like to visit/find out more about our organisations/museums. And the other one is about the European aspect and presented only for the project partners. And afterwards again added to our sub-blog so all those not participating the meeting could also have a look at the presentations.

Before closeing the day Esko gave us the first look about Kajaani and Eino Leino house. There is something to look forward again!

We planned to have a literary walk in the eveing but actually we were so exhausted that we decided to move the walk to the Monday midday.

Sunday was our working day in different literary museums in Vianden. We had very professional guiding tour in Victor Hugo Museum in Vianden (Hugo lived there when exiled from France) and afterwards we were in a Vianden City Museum (Musée Dicks) which has a part of it dedicated to the luxembourgish national poet Dicks (Edmond de la Fontaine). We spent our afternoon in really multicultural festival "Salon du livre des cultures" in Luxembourg and had a short chat with the organiser of the event, Jean Philipp Ruiz.

So, and Monday was already a leaving day for many of us. We still managed to have a literary walk in Luxembourg, guided by Pierre and it was truly interesting! Thank you, Pierre!

From point of view of estonias we therefore had many learning experiences and this meeting was for sure filling all our expectations. Looking forward to meet in Kajaani!

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