The Petőfi Literary Museum
The Petőfi Literary Museum is the museum of Hungarian literature in 19th–20th century and of contemporary Hungarian writing. It is a national public collection that assembles authors’ written and printed legacies, visual or audiovisual records as well as work of art and relics. The collection of the museum is part of the national cultural heritage, it is catalogued and accessible to research. The museum is active in keeping, developing  and maintaining the literary memorial houses in country and beyond the borders by taking a leading role in the Association of Hungarian Literary Memorial Houses (  Due to its exuberant collections, wide-scale research work, exhibition experise and museum education practices that includes museumpedagogy and life long learning services and numerous public events the museum has become a renowned and outstanding place of professional excellence.     
The Manuscript Archive
The collection of the Manuscript Arhive comprises Hungarian authors’s manuscripts, editorial correspondence of key literary journals and documentary materials of importance for literary history.

The Library
It is the museum’s academic research library but also has a collection of first editions, illustrated books, books dedicated or annotated by the authors, periodicals, small prints and legacies of authors’ full personal libraries.

The Arts and Relics Collection
The arts collection is fully fledged: it includes paintings, drawings, small graphics, sculptures, coins and photographs. The relics collection receives and administers memorial objects related to Hungarian literature including authors’ furniture, personal objects, ornaments, textiles and other relics.  

The Audio-Visual Collection
The Audio-Visual Collection can boast of audio recordings of literary conversations, interviews, creedos, reminiscences, film portraits, literary adaptations, sometimes archive films, video recordings and amateur videos.

The Digital Literary Academy
The Digital Literary Academy is devoted to feature contemporary Hungarian writing on the internet. The Academy has 72 elected members (live and posthumous) with part of their oeuvre digitised and available free of charge. The services of the site provide manifold online search options for the texts of documentary value.  

Our  permanent exhibition based on the museum’s collections is dedicated to Petőfi. The temporary exhibitions either thematic or reflecting the author’s oeuvre and all our literary and art shows with their tailored installations, interactive and multimedia devices render our institution a special brand. The public can take part in guided tours both in our exhibitions and in the Károlyi Palace, the outstanding example of neoclassical architecture that houses our museum.

The Petőfi Literary Museum is a popular downtown cultural juncture for all interested in the past and present of Hungarian literature. Literary evenings, festivals, readings, conferences, concerts and theatre performances await the interested public. We offer many and varied programmes for young visitors as well from kindergarten to the GCE engaging participants in creative workshops of museumpedagogy.  

Our publishing activity includes collection catalogues, academic and educational publications, bibliographies, reference books, studies, iconographies, picture books, CDs and DVDs. You can get our old publications in the Hungarian Digital Museum Library while the new ones can be bought at the Museum Shop.

If you are interested in literature you can follow our achievements, exhibitions, events and publications and access our catalogues and archive on Our subsites,  such as, and relate to the online communication of international literature communities and institutions.

The Petőfi Literary Museum
H–1053 Budapest, Károlyi Mihály utca 16.
Postal address:
H–1364 Budapest, Pf. 71
Phone: (36-1) 317-3611, (36-1) 317-3450
Fax: (36-1) 317-1722

Our Branch Museums

The Kassák Museum
The permanent exhibition of the museum Kassák! displays the literary, art and editorial oeuvre of the outsanding figure of the Hungarian avant-garde. The museum has a significant art, manuscript and photo collection and is one of the major research centres of national and international research of modernism collecting, exhibiting and publishing national and international achievements and findings related to Lajos Kassák
Address: H–1033 Budapest, Fő tér 3. (The Zichy Palace)
Phone: (36 1) 368 7021

Endre Ady Memorial Museum
Endre Ady’s flat where the poet lived with his wife Csinszka for two years awaits its visitors refurbished faithfully with original furniture and personal belongings.
Address: H–1053 Budapest, Veres Pálné utca 4-6.
Phone: (36 1) 337-8596
National Agency for the Grundtvig Programme
Tempus Közalapítvány
1093 Budapest, Lónyay u. 31.
Postal address: 1438 Budapest 70, Pf. 508.
Telephone: (+36 1) 237-1300, fax: (+36 1) 239-1329
Information: (+36 1) 237-1320
E-mail: info(at)