The Umbrella Organisation of the Finnish Literary Societies

The Umbrella Organisation for Finnish Literature Associations named Suomen kirjailijanimikkoseurat (later Nimikot) is a shelter to 56 associations. There are about 7.000 members in those literary clubs. Nimikot was grounded seven years ago.  The number of members grows up fast; more than three associations join to Nimikot every year. 

Finnish literary societies keep up their authors production well known. Literary organisations are encouraging and fostering cultural heritage preservation.

The organization Nimikot arrange events and exhibitions. They participate in literary fairs and carry out information and publication activities. The most significant annual events are ”Kajaani Poetry week”,”Pentinkulma  days” (Väinö Linna -association),”Kalle Päätalo week” and”Volter Kilpi Summer Days”. The events are in different parts of Finland, mainly outside the metropolitan areas. 

F.ex. Saima Harmaja society organizes an annual poetic cemetery walk at Helsinki. The guided rate goes from writer’s grave to another. To the public they tell stories about author’s life and read some poem or texts from their productions. This event is very popular and the annual rate is about 100-200 people. 

Some of our author societies are organizing reading circuits. The number in the circuit is usually around 5 -12 members. Members read the same book forward  and discuss about it together.  Reading clubs can also be active in internet.

Literary associations and the umbrella organization Nimikot are interacting with libraries, educational establishments and universities.
Events organized by member societies, the information of the writer and the function of the club are published on united web-site

Contact info:
Anneli Kankare
Tel.: +35 850 3377 750
Suomen kirjailijanimikkoseurat ry
(The Umbrella Organisation of the Finnish Literary Societies)

Matti Nummenpaa
Chairman of the Board
Tel.: +35 840 4393 74

NIMIKOT (Suomen kirjailijanimikkoseurat ry)