Meeting in Heraklion!

It was only week ago when we finished another laborious working-day in Heraklion and were enjoying the lovely evening in beautiful Crete! The forth project meeting in Heraklion, hosted by Kazantzakis museum (read: Antonis, Stella and Varvara), will be remembered for a long time! At first, our friends made us feel so welcome and their hospitality is something to take as a model! Thank you, Antonis, Stella and Varvara! Secondly, the program was really intensive and I think we worked quite hard to settle down all the unsolved questions and remarks we had about the final report and the virtual exhibition. And last but not least - the island with it's beauty and warmth was inspiring itself! Perhaps the deep level of cultural history (Knossos!) and breathtaking views we were surrounded by made us do the best we can to achieve the best results. The subject of the meeting was "Ways of reaching (new) audiences". As usually, all the partners made a presentation based on the questionnaire we composed/redacted in Kajaani.

Meeting in Kajaani, July 2012

Like most Estonians, I have been in Helsinki several times, but not elsewhere in Finland. Probably also the greater forces saw the injustice so they created a direct airline from Tallinn to Kajaani and on July 4 Elle-Mari Talivee, Kadri Tüür and I landed in Kajaani to have our third project meeting hosted by our lovely Matti, Anneli, Esko and Saara. On the first evening we already had a great welcome greeting from our Finnish friends: sauna and swimming in the lake, delicious dinner and boating. (Not to forget the darts!) And the light nights were amazing - at 1 A.M. the sun was shining and sleeping felt like a crime... The program was really intensive. The subject was "European Aspect in our Literary Heritage" and the presentations were a bit different from our usual presentations. The presence of European writer's in different countries really is different! So it was interesting to find out the crossing-points, similarities and differences. I think we all found out something really new!


Job shadowing in Petöfi museum

Jobshadowing in Budapest, 6-11 August 2012 Liivi Rosenvald, Katrin Roositalu and Margit Kilter - three ladies from three small literary museums in South Estonia - were welcomed in Budapest on August 6 by the heat of 40 degrees, which probably marks the record of the air temperature in the country. For us it seemed a few degrees even higher due to the excitement about our very first trip to Hungary. So we took it as a good sign foreshadowing „hot“ (in every positive meaning of the word) days of grasping, saving and recording the aura, impressions, emotions, sights and all kind of information. We can assure now that we were not wrong! Which museums did we visit? - Petöfi Literary Museum - Endre Ady Memorial Museum - Hungarian National Gallery - Museum of Applied Arts - The exhibitions and activities of all the museums which took part in the Museum Quarters at Sziget Festival. What did we learn about the Petöfi Literary Museum (PLM)?


Job shadowing at the A. H. Tammsaare and the Eduard Vilde Literary Museums and at the HeadRead Literature Festival in Tallinn, 31 May-3 June 2012

Report by Pierre Marson

From May 31st to June 2nd, Jeff Schmitz and myself, both staff members of the Centre national de littérature in Luxembourg, were in the Estonian capital for a job shadowing visit at the A. H. Tammsaare Literary Museum, the Eduard Vilde Literary Museum and at the HeadRead Literature Festival. The first and the last day of the mobility were mostly spent on the trip, as there is no direct flight between Luxembourg and Tallinn, a fact which we regret very much after our wonderful experience in that friendly city.


Communication meeting in Luxembourg

Dear all,

wonderful days in Luxembourg are over and I really really want to thank you Pierre, Jeff and Claude for making our days so enjoyable!

Here is short overview about the results of our meeting.
First of all: Antonis will add a sub-blog to this page which will be accessable only for the project members. This shall be the place we will put our presentation, so all the members of our group would have a possiblity to familiarise with presentations. So, as soon as this sub-blog is created we'll share the codes and you'll have all the information shared in Luxembourg concerning the communication!