Job shadowing in Petöfi museum

Jobshadowing in Budapest, 6-11 August 2012 Liivi Rosenvald, Katrin Roositalu and Margit Kilter - three ladies from three small literary museums in South Estonia - were welcomed in Budapest on August 6 by the heat of 40 degrees, which probably marks the record of the air temperature in the country. For us it seemed a few degrees even higher due to the excitement about our very first trip to Hungary. So we took it as a good sign foreshadowing „hot“ (in every positive meaning of the word) days of grasping, saving and recording the aura, impressions, emotions, sights and all kind of information. We can assure now that we were not wrong! Which museums did we visit? - Petöfi Literary Museum - Endre Ady Memorial Museum - Hungarian National Gallery - Museum of Applied Arts - The exhibitions and activities of all the museums which took part in the Museum Quarters at Sziget Festival. What did we learn about the Petöfi Literary Museum (PLM)?