Visit of Elle-Mari Talivee and Kadri Tüür from Estonia to the Centre national de littérature in Mersch, Luxembourg, 17.-21.11.2011

Report by Kadri Tüür

Not much to say about Thursday, the 17th. Travelling took some time (read: the whole day); Marc was so kind to come and pick us up at the airport and give us a lift to Mersch where one of the two studios of CNL was prepared for us (equipped with two beds instead of the regular one, and with ample information material with greetings from Pierre). The studio itself was an admirably compact space with a guest room / writing table / kitchen and bathroom downstairs and a half-open balcony type bedroom with a bridge to the nearest window upstairs. We immediately fell asleep and felt like young & careless students again back in the golden bygone times when we shared a dorm room in Tartu. This was a pleasant feeling.


First Project meeting in Petöfi Museum, Budapest

First of all I would like to thank all the kind workers of the Petöfi museum for finding the time for us (we all know how busy are the days of the people in the literary museums)! I really enjoyd your hospitality and ofcourse also the beautiful Budapest! The Petöfi Museum was also an inspiring place! Estonians did learn a lot and we will have a meeting on Thursday, Nov 10, to present all the topics and ideas shared in this first meeting to all of our collegues in the literary museums in Estonia.
I think our first meeting was very fruitful. We all had agreed in topics about the project before we propound the project application, but there was many aspects we needed to talk through.
So, here is the summary of our meeting and the most important conclusions.