First Project meeting in Petöfi Museum, Budapest

First of all I would like to thank all the kind workers of the Petöfi museum for finding the time for us (we all know how busy are the days of the people in the literary museums)! I really enjoyd your hospitality and ofcourse also the beautiful Budapest! The Petöfi Museum was also an inspiring place! Estonians did learn a lot and we will have a meeting on Thursday, Nov 10, to present all the topics and ideas shared in this first meeting to all of our collegues in the literary museums in Estonia.
I think our first meeting was very fruitful. We all had agreed in topics about the project before we propound the project application, but there was many aspects we needed to talk through.
So, here is the summary of our meeting and the most important conclusions.

Project meeting results:

  1. Topic: website and blog.
Conclusion: Instead of making common website and common blog, we will make only a blog which also works as a website and database. Responsible of creating and coordinating the blog is Greece (Antonis Leventis)

  1. Topic: quarterly newsletter.
Conclusion: As Germany unfortunately had to withdraw from the project, there will be no quarterly newsletter (it was the responsibility of German partners). The news and information will be shared via blog.

  1. Topic: Common exhibition.
Conclusion: If it is financially possible, there will be a digital exhibition (also available for printing if needed) about most famous book characters in national literature of every partner country. In this way we learn about different national literatures and also may find out the common European level which unites these characters. Every partner will select about 3-5 characters and send them to Estonia (responsible for common exhibition; Maarja Vaino) by the end of the year 2011. The exhibition will be shared through the blog, organisation websites and if possible, presented in the public space in partner countries.

  1. Topic: changing the mobilities.
Conclusion: There must be changes in mobilities because of the withdraw of German partners. Every partner will re-arrange the mobilities and make a refereshed scedule of the mobilities. New mobilities-plan should be sent to Maarja by the end of  November. 

  1. Topic: project meetings and activities plan.
Conclusion: Projects meetings will take place in every partner country. The dates: March 2012 – Luxembourg; May 2012 – Hungary; July 2012 – Finland; Sept. 2012 – Greece; May 2013 – Estonia.

  1. Topic: Questionnaire.
Conclusion: Questinnaire is re-named as Survey. The first draft of the Survey was made already in the meeting on Oct 24. The final version shall be over-looked in the meeting in Luxembourg in March 2012.

Looking forward for the next meeting!

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