The Association of Estonian Writer`s Museums

The Association of Estonian Writers' Museums is founded in April 2010. It embraces almost all the museums in Estonia that are connected with writers or literature.
The main objectives are as follows:
1.      Valuing and protecting the Estonian literary heritage and organising dissemination activities.
2.      Presenting and advancing knowledge on Estonian literature, cultural history and writers in Estonia.
3.      Participation in Estonian and European networks and projects.
4.      In-practice schooling and training of the writers' museums' employees, protection of their professional interests.
5.      Advancing peer contacts in Estonia and other countries.

The association arranges joint projects of museums, conferences, events, workshops, exhibitions and supports the development of Estonian museums. All together we are aiming at making the writers' museums more visitors-friendly, modern and professional.

Joint exhibitions are one form of the really essential activities. First of them – Writer in Caricature – is a park exhibition in various towns that introduces Estonian writers through caricatures drawn about them. The jolly, even intriguing caricatures showing writers from the late 19th century to the present are not only entertaining but educational and enrich the urban space. The exhibition has already gained many design prizes in Estonia


Contact info:
Maarja Vaino (Project coordinator and representative of Estonian partners)
Koidula 12 a, Tallinn 10125, Estonia
Tel. 00 372 55583269 / 00 372 6013111
e-mail: maarja.vaino[ät]

National Agency for the Grundtvig Programme:
Täiskasvanuhariduse büroo
Hariduskoostöö Keskus
SA Archimedes, L.Koidula 13a, 10125, Tallinn
Tel. 00 372 697 9233
Faks: 00372 697 9226
E-mail: hannelore.juhtsalu[ät]

Animation made by children based on E. Vilde short story.